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Edenvale's Coat of Arms

Edenvale coat of armsDesigned on the 14th of November 1963, by Mr S W Pienaar and registered with the Bureau of Heraldry on the 8th of January 1971.  This coat of arms is still in use for Edenvale.  The symbolism of strength of community holds today.

Heraldic terms include the colours:  Red - Gules, Black - Noir, Gold -Or and Green - Vert.  The Chief sinister is upper left and the Chief Dexter upper right as seen by the soldier who holds the shield.  The lower centre is termed the Base and the five petal flower known as a Cinquefoil.

The crest at the top is an Or coloured rising sun. 

The armour helmet shows the protection that the town gives the people as medieval towns used to be walled and defended by Soldiers in armour. 

The Arms which refers to the shield itself is made up of three areas.  The chief dexter on the upper right depicts a pick and shovel in gold on a red background crossing with their handles down, depicts the workers in the town especially as Edenvale was a mining town.  The chief sinister on the upper left is a flaming grenade depicting growth of factories, industries and commerce which are expanding.  The base shows a cinquefoil which is a green five leafed flower on a gold background and depicts the people of the town. 

The motto, Consilio et Prudentia is Latin for With concilliation, wisdon and prudence.