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Bailatino set to wow at ECID Festival


Bailatino Dance Studio are set to wow patrons at the ECID Festival Lights and Street Carnival on 5 November when they perform some fabulous routines.  Run by Claudia Zackey the Bailatino studio in Bedfordview, focuses on fun and the enjoyment of dance in their lessons. They perform a variety of styles within 3 main categories:  Classic: Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet and Spanish, 

Latin : Cha-Cha, Sambo, Paso and Jive and Energy: Energy , Bhungra, slow-style and Hip Hop. Bailatino are a very competitive group and participate in numerous competitions throughout the year.

Edenvale's Coat of Arms

Edenvale coat of armsDesigned on the 14th of November 1963, by Mr S W Pienaar and registered with the Bureau of Heraldry on the 8th of January 1971.  This coat of arms is still in use for Edenvale.  The symbolism of strength of community holds today.

Heraldic terms include the colours:  Red - Gules, Black - Noir, Gold -Or and Green - Vert.  The Chief sinister is upper left and the Chief Dexter upper right as seen by the soldier who holds the shield.  The lower centre is termed the Base and the five petal flower known as a Cinquefoil.

The crest at the top is an Or coloured rising sun. 

The armour helmet shows the protection that the town gives the people as medieval towns used to be walled and defended by Soldiers in armour. 

ECID is happy to announce that the ECID Flavours of the World Festival 2016 will be happening in Edenvale.

Diarise Sunday the 1st of May from 11am -8pm .  The Eden Mall parking area will be transformed into a wonderland of colour and delicious smells.